Telecom service providers are facing declining revenues as their services have become increasingly commoditized with the onslaught of the digital services provided by the over the top (OTT) services. These new service offerings are disrupting the telecom business models while re-shaping customer expectations. Additionally with the advent of IoT, there is a significant increase in connected devices globally and technologies like 5G will boost the number of connected devices and users even further. But with increased customer expectation and competition, telecom companies need efficient and faster operations

Telecoms need to move towards Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to boost customer service, improve data quality, and reduce cost while driving operational efficiency.  This technology plays a vital role in transforming the entire industry by bringing efficiency across all functions from customer care to and enterprise management to operations and supply chain. This will not only reduce the operating expenses but boost customer responsiveness.

There are a lot processes in the telecom industry which are highly manual, voluminous, repetitive and rule-based. Processes listed below are such use cases which can be automated with the help of RPA

Some of the benefits of RPA in Manufacturing Sector:

Efficient customer support

Reduced network downtime

Smarter and accurate decision making

Reduced error and time in the back office and mundane tasks

Accurate billing process

Integrated systems improve reporting and information availability

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