We at Innovsol believe that visualization of the project outcome creates a pathway to success. Our role involves providing thought leadership to identify areas of process improvement and build the best strategy to achieve these

As a first step to our engagement Innovsol meets all the stake holders as well as end users to understand the points of pain in a process which can be improved via automation with the help of the right RPA tool. Engagement will include a workshop to educate the group on the relevance and benefits of RPA with the help of relevant case studies.



The purpose of the assessment phase is to understanding the process at an end user level, based on which we drill down on the apt RPA software. All business cases are evaluated for a quantitative assessment of the RPA software on a basis of Usability, Sustainability, Maintainability and Future Digital opportunities. 

We then prioritize and do a Live Pilot to prove the capability and effectiveness of the Tool. This provides confidence of the solution for future roll-out. This assessment phase should reward in business profits while the budget, schedule and quality are maintained and any issues and concerns which arise are addressed.

At the end of it, we will have a comprehensive strategic plan for your project.



We have to our credit a very rich experience of implementation of medium and large RPA projects for customized solutions and implemented at a number of locations for our clients. In the process we have put in place a time tested and proven project implementation methodology for implementation of projects with considerable ease and finesse.

The project implementation approach followed by us is described below to enable Customer to have a better understanding of the followed procedures and methodologies.

  • Execute the projects with proper planning
  • Every stage will involve discussion and feedback from the stakeholders and SME
  • Bring in clarity in the deliverables of the project
  • To be able to deliver as per the agreed schedule


Once the automation project is implemented for the operations to be continuous and uninterrupted, it is our constant endeavor to provide ongoing monitoring, maintenance and world class support. This can be done either on-site or remotely. Remote warranty support comprises of Telephonic Assistance, Electronic Mail Assistance and Remote Login Support.

Our highly experienced support team continuously strives to provide excellent After Sales Support & Customer care. We ensure that our deployed solution delivers the desired results at the customer's premises as per their expectations. Should problems arise with the application or its use, the priority is always to solve it in the quickest possible manner.



We achieve this goal of our clients achieving a robust RPA capability way of providing then with a comprehensive Knowledge Transfer Program and assist in establishing their own Center of Excellence.

Knowledge Transfer Program is an integral part of our delivery plan. The objective is not only to train Client in the use of the deployed systems, but also to create internal Human Resource Wealth. This program is aimed at ensuring that the know-how of the solutions is given in the form of overall system appraisal with the possible future upgrade path.

The Center of Excellence will define a standard practice for deploying automated business processes across your enterprise. It would be the responsibility of this CoE to measure the ROI at a transactional level against the established performance metrics. This is done by the identifying and creating a RPA Council comprising of business leaders responsible for implementing RPA strategies such as automation goals, timelines, anticipated ROIs