Optimize your processes, access up-to-the-minute insights, and outpace competitors with Innovsol. Our specialists tailor solutions to meet your needs, ensuring your ERP system meets expectations. As your Epicor ERP implementation partner and trusted advisor, we prioritize achieving your business objectives. Innovsol offers top-notch advisory, implementation, maintenance, and hosting services for current Epicor users and those exploring ERP solutions.

Discover our approach to successful EPICOR ERP implementation:

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Epicor Consulting

Our dynamic consulting services include:

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Epicor Customizations

Epicor Kinetic ERP offers exceptional flexibility and an extensive array of features. Tailor it to meet your unique requirements with:

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Epicor Services

Explore the extensive array of services proudly provided by Innovsol for Epicor ERP/Kinetic. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing Epicor Cloud or a traditional on-premises solution, rely on us to fine-tune your Epicor system to perfection. Empowering you to manage your rigorous operations with unparalleled efficiency!
Experience top-notch support with our wide array of Epicor services:

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Custom Reports and Dashboards

While Epicor offers numerous pre-built reports and dashboards that often suffice, occasionally adjustments or comprehensive customizations are necessary. If you can’t locate what you require, simply reach out. We specialize in tailoring reports and dashboards to precisely meet your specifications
Here are some of the Epicor reporting tools where Innovsol can help as experts:

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Epicor Implementations

Innovsol’s highly skilled consulting team possesses extensive expertise in implementing Epicor. Our diverse implementation experience covers a wide array of scenarios.
Our Epicor capabilities encompass:

Our all-encompassing Epicor implementation strategy consists of:

Innovsol continues to provide support for older Epicor systems. Depending on your system’s age, certain essential measures are necessary to maintain its optimal performance and facilitate a smoother upgrade process in the future.

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Managed Support
Are you grappling with the daily demands of your Epicor system or seeking an advanced managed infrastructure/hosting solution? Look no further!
Innovsol offers a range of support levels tailored to address every aspect of Epicor, from comprehensive training to innovative customizations. Our varied services ensure a tailored solution for your specific requirements, driving your business towards success.

Our Epicor Managed Support services include:
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Whether you’re making the leap to Kinetic or transitioning from legacy Epicor systems, including those no longer supported, Innovsol ensures your upgrade is executed flawlessly.
An Epicor Kinetic Upgrade includes:

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