Support and Managed Services
Global enterprises are undertaking digital initiatives to redefine underlying processes to offer a seamless experience to their process. In other words, enterprises are looking to grow digital. As more and more complex processes get automated, the need arises for these processes to be monitored and supported so as to maintain business continuity as and when things go wrong for a variety of reasons. While RPA enables process owners to manage a smaller workforce that produces higher quality results, it does add a new responsibility to allocate time to manage and maintain their bots. Setting up a structured support mechanism that ensures high levels of uptime is an important part of building and managing BOT infrastructure. For issues that can be resolved either over the phone or by securely, remote accessing the end users system, Innovsol’s service desk and RPA team can support remotely Complex or critical issues which are unable to be resolved remotely, require us to provide our clients with onsite support.

We have a team of onsite engineers and support staff with extensive experience for fulfilling this requirement, offering quality assistance in technical support and process monitoring for the client The biggest post RPA implementation challenge an organization faces is maintenance. Over course of time changes in business and/or regulatory conditions will require changes to bots. Although the bots deployed can be maintained with minimum amount of effort required, changes will have to be prioritized and necessary effort needs to be devoted to bot maintenance. Robotic Process Automation requires the right balance between human touch points and tasks to be automated. Innovsol helps client’s baseline their RPA benefits and standardize the digital workforce to achieve a leaner and efficient process. Each of our managed services can be customized and deployed as per the client’s requirements. We have got deep experience in smart automation and cutting edge technologies.

Our managed services benefits include:

Innovsol helps in managing and streamlining the automated processes and other repetitive tasks so that your employee can spend more time thinking strategically. This agile, virtual workforce improves efficiencies by being able to handle high volumes of tasks significantly quicker. An optimum use of resources along with transparent communication and robust governance framework helps us in providing a smooth delivery of our managed services.

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