Who We Are

Innovsol is a new age consulting and services firm embracing digital technologies and innovative solutions to steer our clients through their digital journey. We are committed to partnering with our clients towards enabling their enterprise goals by harnessing the power of emerging technologies that combines tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results. Our success has been due to our capabilities in effectively integrating automation, analytics and AI strategies across industries such as Banking and Finance, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing etc. Innovsol caters to clients across the globe with operations in Bangalore, India and partnerships across the Middle East and South Africa.

Our Vision

Provide innovative next generation digital transformation and software solutions and services which would empower every client to achieve more.

Our Mission

Innovate - Realizing our client’s business goals through meaningful innovation. Disrupt - Embrace disruptive technologies to fast-track business transformation. Transform - At Innovsol transformation is not about improving but about re-thinking

Meet chatur (चतुर्)

Denoting "Four" in Sanskrit

Innovsol’s new logo is founded on our guiding principles of Innovation, Integrity, Excellence and Passion. Our logo also symbolizes Innovsol’s transformation from being solely a RPA centric organization to becoming a frontrunner in four niche technologies – Intelligent Automation, Cloud Technologies, Data & Analytics and Artificial Intelligence – to help eliminate our Customer's business challenges.

As we continue to grow as a leading technology company serving our customers daily business needs, our passion for solving everyday challenges with technology grows. This journey is built on our passion to provide value to our partners and customers with our ever present dedication to creating a seamless experience across technologies.

The Management

Ashok Pandey

Founder & CEO

I am the Founder & CEO of Innovsol – A leading Intelligent Automation Solution and Service organization that manages the entire gamut of RPA solution and services landscape for the services organizations across the globe. Innovsol main goal is to reduce human errors by letting programming robots do the complex extent of work in an efficient way. We encourage businesses and organizations to create a digital workforce by offering a stage for programming robots. Our mission is to make processes more efficient with software robots.

Dhananjay Nagarkatti

Co – Founder & COO

Dhananjay has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the entire portfolio of the Company’s offerings. He oversees the key functions of Operations, Finance and Human Resources while overseeing the implementation of company strategies and be the change agent to spearhead new initiatives.

Joseph Vathalloor

Practice Head – Digital Transformation

Over the past 4 years Joseph has developed and managed strategic executive level business relationships with clients and has been focused on delivering value and leveraging customer feedback to ensure long term relationships which drive retention and expansion of recurring revenue. Developed global performance driven teams achieving maximum utilization improvement by implementing best practices.

Amit Nargotra

Amit – Vice President Sales SEA/ANZ

With 2.5 decades of technical, business & management roles, Amit brings in rich experience of working with large businesses, product management, delivery, and mission-critical system operations management. At Innovsol Amit is responsible for sales and marketing in South East Asia and Australia New Zealand regions.

Avishek Chakraborty

RPA & AI Advisor to the Board

Avishek with close to 2 decades of rich global work experience is an established customer advocate and technology evangelist. While being a certified AI-Consultant and Digital strategist, he has raised net-new logos worth 50M+ USD from the scratch cutting across IT/Digital Transformation work streams. He comes as a heady mix of creative and analytical skills, having published Digital Transformation based white papers on corporate web-sites, while also having created innovative AI/ML based statistical models for solving key business challenges. He is engaged in advising the Board on Digital Transformation best practices on RPA and Data Science

Our Guiding Principles

Our company is dedicated to maintaining a core set of principles in all of our business dealings.

We at Innovsol value innovative and creative thinking. We encourage innovation in all aspects of our work. We promote a culture of innovative thinking, seeking focused IT solutions to solve identified problems purposefully and to enhance organizational excellence. We encourage and support development of innovative solutions that enrich our customer’s critical business needs. Our aim is to create an IT services company where extraordinary technical aptitude and an attitude of high achievement is encouraged. Our success results from exploring new techniques and ideas beyond conformist boundaries. Teams are encouraged to stretch their imaginations and abilities and are given the freedom to pursue their ideas.

Integrity means doing the right thing no matter what the cost while keeping our promises. At Innovsol, acting with integrity is important to us and forms the basis of all our actions. We believe in transparency towards all of our colleagues, customers and partners, and hold ourselves to the strict security standards as is expected of us. We are committed to conducting all of our business honestly, with adherence to the highest ethical standards. We are direct, maintain confidences, meet commitments, and accept responsibility for all our personal actions. Our integrity makes us successful over the long term and plays a central role at Innovsol and shapes how we perceive ourselves.

Excellence is our way of life. We strive for excellence in delivering on our promise of performance & reliability in our services. We do not create, accept or pass on anything that is mediocre. It has always been integral to our business. Our attitude is to always challenge ourselves and each other to be better. We pursue excellence in our business through creativity, innovation and efficiency that allow for optimization of resources. Innovsol maintains best-in-class standards at every stage of the project lifecycle. Our excellence enables is to anticipate customer needs and eventually deliver customer delight. We settle for no less than our very best in the work we do for our clients. To this we will hold each other accountable to delivering excellence. With a looking outside in approach we raise the standard of excellence by learning from global benchmarks.

We are enterprising, hard-working professionals who are passionate about what we do. Our passion helps us to do whatever it takes to help our clients exceed their goals. It is a testimony of our engagement and dedication in what we do while we seek the best and commit to it. Passion is the energy which propels us. It is not a skill or trick. It comes from within and grows from the fact that we are good at what we do and are willing to give it our everything to achieve it. This is the essence of the Innovsol culture. Passion is an important trait in our business, where competition is fierce and expectations for each individual’s performance are high. Our successful customer relationships in the business arena is due to the passion which we put forward in our ideas and proposals while being committed to anticipating, understanding and meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. Passion gives us the energy to overcome the future challenges and the motivation to take on the setbacks and pursue growth.

Our guiding principles and values has been the backbone of Innovsol. These are the core foundation around which our operations are rooted. These have helped us create a unique brand for ourselves and helped us being recognized as a trusted technology partner for organizations across sectors. If you are looking for a technology partner that is guided by strong values, give us a call today.

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